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Beginner Sessions 2019

Woodley Sports Bowling Club
Lambeth Grove, Woodley, Stockport SK6 1QX
holds Beginners coaching sessions on Saturday mornings 10 - 12.
For more info visit their website
Woodley Sports
Glossop Bowling Club
North Rd, Glossop, SK13 7AS
Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm at Details about the club on their Website

Great Moor Sports And Social Club. Store Street, Great Moor, Stockport. SK2 7HA
Lessons commence for Bowling beginners on Saturday, 6th April At 10am For Men And Women. All welcome. For more informatio please contact Geoff Shaw on 07969 526703

Hazel Grove Bowling & Tennis Club are to have learner practice nights
every Thursday from 7pm to 9pm..
1st Visit is Free – Everyone is welcome to come along.
The club is on Douglas Road in Hazel Grove.
Lots of information on their website HERE


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Longdendale League Dave Drury Merit
This Saturday, 20th July, at The Friendship
Draw and strike out at 11am
Frank Beeley Trophy.
Houldsworth WMC
Leamington Road Reddish Stockport SK5 6BD

Final Night
Sunday 21st July. 5-30pm Practice. 6pm start.
All games 31up off 3.

Graeme Wilson v Thomas Hanson
Simon Coupe v Steve Curbishley
Dave Bennett v Jack Hargreaves
Ashley Daykin v Gareth Gwilliam
Dress Code.
Refreshments available and a bookmaker will be in attendance.
In the final round of the British Parks County Championship games, Cheshire have a chance to make the semi finals with a good result against Cumbria. The home leg is this Sunday, 21st July, at the Pack Horse in Macclesfield, starting at 2pm. The away leg is at the King Alfred club in Barrow-In-Furness.
Spectators welcome

Cheshire v Cumbria
Pack Horse Macclesfield

1 Darren Yoxall (Crown) v Liam Baxter (Holme)
2 Dave Jackson (Bollington) v James Duffin (Levens)
3 Shaun Swinton (Pack Horse) v Matthew Stewart (Holme)
4 Ben Holbrook (Poynton Sports Club) v James Dennison (Levens)
5 Mike Heald (Poynton Sports Club) v Ira Collier (Kendal Victoria)
6 Chris Talbot (Bollington) v Dave R Brown (Lune Road)
7 Glynn Cookson (Wharton Cons) v Paul Dennison (Carnforth)
8 Malcom Sims (Poynton Sports Club) v Derek Akrigg (Lune Road)
9 Chris Mcdonald (Railway Bc) v Daniel Lofthouse (Bowling Green)
10 Paul Phillips (Railway Bc) v Aidan Milliard (Levens)
11 Paul Dooley (Railway Bc) v David Cragg (Lune Road)
12 Graham Foster (Pack Horse) v Thomas Dennison (Levens)

King Alfred, Barrow-In-Furness

1 Stewart Price (Police) v Dave Leigh (Quarry Bank)
2 Daniel Edmonds (Levens) v Iain Taylor (Hadfield)
3 Paul Lewis (Police) v Pete Conway (Hadfield)
4 Mark Curwen (Police) v Andy Pearson (Quarry Bank)
5 Stewart Turnbull (Police) v Andy Birtles (Wilmslow BC)
6 Paul Thompson (Lindal) v Richard Briddon (Bollington)
7 Ethan Lowden (King Alfred) v Dave Thomas (Hadfield)
8 Jonny Richardson (West Shore) v Pete Thomas (Hadfield)
9 Paul Curwen (Police) v Steve Wooding (Houldsworth WMC)
10 Stu Aspinall (Red River Club) v Chris Eaton (Shaw Heath)
11 Mark Johnson (Police) v Paul Bunting (Hadfield)
12 Paul Kissock (Levens) v John Hignett (Houldsworth WMC)

Sunday 8th Sept. 2019
ENTRY £15.00 PER PAIR - ( 32 PAIRS )
Staggered start time from 10am – 12 noon
£540 PRIZE MONEY 1ST PRIZE £200 (win 2 games get £30)

TO ENTER: Ring /SMS: Elaine Berry 07948 546110
Mastertech Final Day
Nursery BC
Saturday 13th July 6:00 pm start.
J.Thomas (Sheffield) v A.Manual (Warrington)
L.Wells (Warrington) v T.Johnstone (Poynton)
C.Heyes (Hyde) v M.Gaut (Shropshire)
G.Coates (Halifax) v P.Davies (Northwich)

Food will be available from the pub.
Cheshire CGBA Inter League Championship
Semi-Finals & Final Day Sunday 21st July 2019
At Alderley Union Club Stevens Street Alderley Edge Cheshire SK9 7NL 11am Start​

Crewe PO (Sandbach & District) v Castle Sports (Mid Cheshire)
Norley BC (Runcorn & District) v Lloyd Hotel (Altrincham LV)

BCGBA dress code will be in place.

Callum Briddon wins the Buxton league Alcock Trophy, qualifying for the Midland Masters.
He beat Andy Edge 21-12 in the final

Hadfield Bowling Club are trying to promote women’s bowling. They are looking into entering a mixed league which would be on a Monday night. If this takes off and they get enough female interest they would be delighted to enter a female only team into one of the local leagues.

So if your interested or know girls/women that are please get in touch.
Visit the Hadfield BC Facebook page HERE
See the schedule for the upcoming Stockport Festival of Bowls HERE
Cheshire Parks v Southport
in the National Federation League on Sunday 23rd June. 2pm match start. Home Venue is
The Victoria Bowling Club, Webb Lane, Offerton, Stockport.
We would like to encourage people to come and show support it will be greatly appreciated.
There are refreshments over the bar.
Come and support a local club and one of the Cheshire Parks teams.
(Hot food will be available)
SUNDAY 4th AUGUST Qualifying Round (Practice 4.30pm)
SUNDAY 11th AUGUST 5.00pm Qualifying Round (Practice 4.30pm)
SUNDAY 18th AUGUST 5.00pm Finals Night (Practice 4.30pm)
Pairs Winners Prize £300.00 & (Trophy) Pairs Runners up Prize £100.00
Pairs Semi Final Losers Prize £50.00 Pairs Quarter Final Losers Prize £25.00
Pairs Last 16 losers Prize £12.00
To enter, please contact, below. Mr. E Tasker Bowling Section West Heaton Bowling Tennis, And Squash Club Princes Road Heaton Moor Stockport SK4 3NQ
Email: or Call 07546486098
Frank Beeley Trophy.
Houldsworth WMC Leamington Road Reddish Stockport SK5 6BD

23rd June. 5-30pm Practice. 6pm start.

1. Dave Baskerville. 2. Steve Baskerville. 3. Gareth Coates. 4. John Davies. 5. Andy Fleming. 6. John Gatley.
7. Tony Gatley. 8. Darren Griffiths. 9. Dave Gwilliam. 10. Gareth Gwilliam. 11. Jack Hargreaves.
12. James Higgins. 13. Dean Missere. 14. Dan Petcher. 15. Brian Smith. 16. Andy Thornton.

30th June. 5-30pm Practice. 6pm start.

1. Chris Bly. 2. Mel Byron. 3. Ryan Clark 4. Gary Cochrane. 5. Danny Edwards. 6. Steven Gilroy.
7. Chris Heyes. 8. Chris Kelly. 9. Tommy King. 10. David O`Brien. 11. Roger Morgan. 12. Harry Seehra.
13. Rob Swift. 14. Anthony Walker. 15. Dave Walker. 16. Callum Wraight.

7th July 5-30pm Practice. 6pm start.

1. Dave Bennett. 2. Mark Bennett. 3. Phil Davies. 4. Gary Ellis. 5. John Hanson. 6. Michael Heap.
7. Graham Hickey. 8. Dave Jackson. 9. Dale Kenyon. 10. Brian Mallon. 11. David May. 12. Dave Scott.
13. Danny Sillitoe. 14. Mike Spencer. 15. Bob Whyatt. 16. Graeme Wilson.

14th July. 5-30pm Practice. 6pm start.

1. Mike Chamberlain. 2. Glynn Cookson. 3. Jason Cornes. 4. Simon Coupe. 5. Steve Dance. 6. Clay Flattley.
7. Craig Gant. 8. Steve Gilfedder. 9. Luke Guess. 10. Jon Guess. 11. Glen Herbert. 12. Paul Mackie.
13. Tony Stevens. 14. Mark Sutton. 15. Dave Thomas. 16. Frank Watson.

Refreshments will be available.
The Longdendale Presidents Handicap will be played next Saturday, 15th June, at
Great Moor SSC. Draw and strike out at 11am.
Entries to Michelle Conway via email, phone, text or Facebook, or just enter on the day.
A delighted Chapel Park squad after winning the Buxton League's Boston Doubles Trophy by defeating Tideswell

The Mastertech Nursery Classic 2019
4 heats in June 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th
Final July 13th. All 6pm start
Contact Irv Cummings on 0161 483 8115 / 07748 819 175 if you want to
go on the reserve list

Sat 8th June at 6pm
S Gilroy v M Sutton
L Sullivan v T Johnstone
T Stevens v R Clark
C Kearns v C Morris
G Cochrane v P Leah
D Roberts v N Tideswell
J Martin v C Kelly
P Bailey v K Chapman

Sat 15th at 6pm
S Dace v B Mallon
K Wainwright v P Clapham
P Dale v J Thomas
C Flattley v L Guess
J Parry v J Guess
S Ellis v A Pearce
L Dale v G Coates
D Morrison v R Pierce

Sat 22nd June at 6pm
G Wike v C Wraight
J Brown v G Daw
D Thomas v T Hanson
N Burrows v A Thornton
D Upton v A Walker
M Johnson v A Manual
D Durham v I Shaw
G Wilson v B Thornton

Sat 29th June at 6pm
C Jolley v B Smyth
D Moulton v C Bly
G Beeley v J Johnes
R Whyatt v C Heyes
P Davies v J Hanson
P Whalley v D Jackson
D Petcher v S Bolton
G Whitehead v A Rukin

2 qualify each night
Final 8 Sat 13th July

John Guess receiving the Cliff Ball Trophy from his wife Julie. Julie is Cliff's granddaughter.
John beat Craig Shore 21--16 in the final of the competition which was held at Fairfield Bowling Club

Glossop Open Competition - Monday 6th May
Semi Final
Peter Thomas (Hadfield) 13 – 21 Luke Guess (Buxton)
Matt Bradwell (New Mills) 21 – 6 Carl Jones (Dronfield)

Luke Guess 20 - 21 Matt Bradwell

Winner £80, Runner Up £40, Losing semis £20 each
Thanks to all who entered, hope you enjoyed the day as we did.
Steve Francis at the Grange reports :- The strong winds friday night brought down a fifty foot birch tree which has completely demolished our garage (which contains all our maintenance equipment). There is a threat from the trees branches etc which are on the green. For health & safety reasons the green has now been closed until the debris is cleared and the insurance gives the all clear.

Hadfield Bowling Club
Paradise Street, Hadfield, SK13 1BA
Wilf Thomas Pairs on Sunday 9th June.
Top half of the draw at 10am, bottom half at 11am.
£15 per pair, limited to 32 pairs
Prize money for a full entry
Winners £200, Runners-Up £100, Losing Semis £50, Losing Quarters £20.
No two Hadfield 1st team players can play together.
One Hadfield player & one visitor +2, two visitors +5

All money raised and donations will go to Willow Wood Hospice.
Raffle Prizes to be won.
Refreshments available all day including a BBQ
All entries or enquiries to Pete Thomas 07793 385805 or Ian Cranston 07768 144893
Woodley Classic - Qualifiers Sunday 21st April

J.Higgins 7 G. Ellis 21 (4 Final Day)
J. Hargreaves 21 D. Sands 5 (2 Final Day)
A. Wellings 21 M. Davies 15 (15 Final Day)
G. Wilson 21 M. Bacon 12 (7 Final Day)

Draw for Final Day
Sunday 28th April 11am Start

A.Manuel v J.Hargreaves
D.Gwilliam v G.Ellis
G.Hughes v B.Gloag
G.Wilson v M.Bower
D.Ferris v D.Johnson
S.Lea v N.Burrows
C.Wraight v A.Walker
A.Wellings v P.Craven
Woodley Sports Bowling Club Presents Carol Morris Ladies Open Pairs
Sunday 9th June - £10 per pair
For entries contact Gail Knowles 07718 794498
Cheshire Parks Federation team versus Wrexham at Great Moor S&S Club, April 28th
2pm start. Kindly show your support by attending and getting the team off to a good
start against a high quality welsh side.
Woodley Classic - Qualifiers Sunday 14th April

B. Whyatt 18 D.Johnson 21 (10 Final Day)
A. Ferris 15 A. Walker 21 (14 Final Day)
M. Sweeney 10 C. Wraight 21 (13 Final Day)
J.Bowler 17 S.Lea 21 (11 Final Day)
Chapel Park Bowling Club
The Linda Fletcher Rose Bowl
Ladies Doubles
Sunday 26th May 2019 - 9:30am start
Entries £8 per pair
Please forward names and contact numbers to
Jackie Buxton on 07975 554126 or
Mary Timlin on 07912 226061
All Entries in No Later than Friday 24th May
Refreshments available all day

To enter ring:
Dave Mee 07505 083001 or e-mail
Steve Baskerville 07790 381131 or e-mail
Woodley Classic - Qualifiers Sunday 7th April

A. Manuel 21 R.Sandham 12 (No. 1 For Final Day)
N. Burrows 21 M. Lockley 12 ( No. 12 For Final Day)
M. Sutton 8 D. Ferris 21 (No. 9 For Final Day)
M.Bower 21 G. Curran 19 ( No. 8 For Final Day)
London Rd Nth Poynton, are hosting a taster session for anyone of any age from 8 to 80 to come and have a free try to see if you like the sport. There will be bowlers available to show you the ropes and get you started. Make it a family event and bring the kids along.
Bowling really is a sport for all ages of either sex. If you find you enjoyed the experience we can then offer you some structured coaching on the 5 week coaching course that starts the following week
THE DETAILS ARE..... Saturday 30th March ANYTIME BETWEEN 10.00 & 2.30pm
Houldsworth Working Mens Club.
Leamington Road, Reddish, Stockport. SK5 6BD
Good Friday £1670 Invitation 32. Sponsored by Coors.
Winner £400. Runner-Up £250. Last 4 £150. Last 8 £100. Last 16 £40.
Good Friday, 19th April 2019 10am Start. 9-15am Practice.
These are the players and the approximate start times for the
Good Friday Invitation at Houldsworth WMC.
Any problems please ring Glen Beeley on 07939-205513.

Chris Brown, Noel Burrows, Ryan Clark, John Davies,
Gareth Gwilliam, Robert Hitchen, Mike Leach, Jon Palmer
Paul Bailey, Andy Cairns, Simon Coupe, Jack Dyson,
Matty Gilmore, Richie Goddard, Steve Morrey, Graeme Wilson
Michael Beer, Gary Ellis, Craig Gant, Owen Jackson,
Phil Lee, Tom Palmer, Kevan Shaw, Greg Smith
Neil Bithell, Glynn Cookson, Ashley Daykin, Steve Freer,
Jack Hargreaves, Chris Kelly, Darren Plenderleith, Callum Wraight

There will be refreshments available all day and a bookmaker will be in attendance.
Woodley Classic - Qualifiers Sunday 31st March

P. Craven 21 M.O’Neil 20 (No. 16 For Final Day)
C.Mordue 15 D.Gwillam 21 (No. 3 For Final Day)
G.P.Hughes 21 A.Thornton 15 (No. 5 For Final Day)
B.Gloag 21 P.Sutcliffe 9 (No. 6 For Final Day)
New format Harriet Jackson Trophy, now run by Hadfield BC on behalf of the Longdendale League

Draw for the Woodley Spring Classic

March 31st

A.Gallager v R.Winnington
J.Lester v M.Johnson
B.Mallon v A.Jones
P.Holt v M.O’Neil
D. Morrison v M.Jordan
J.Metters v C.Mordue
D. Gwillam v M.Hargreaves
C.Baker v B.Thornton
G.Hughes v G.Gwillam
B.Phillips v T.Riley
D.Hinks v C.Wraight
S.Ellis v A.Thornton
C.Richardson v J.Mordue
B.Gloag v A.Fleming
J.Hignett v P.Sutcliffe
A.Sykes v P.Scott

April 7th
J.Bramley v G.Wike
A.Manuel v P.Leah
P.Chambers v Space
J.Price v D.Jackson
I.Shaw v R.Thompson
C.Barlow v N.Burrows
J. Mcdermott v A.Steele
D.Kenyon v D.Burgess
R.Walters v M.Elrick
D.Reed v M.Sutton
J.Hanson v N.Brown
D.Ferris v T.Stevens
M.Bower v D.Mcdermott
G.Daw v Space
P.Clapham v J.Martin
M.Ogliev v G.Curran

April 14th
K.Hatzer v B.Whyatt
D.Ferris v J.Bailey
D.Johnson v M.Lingard
D.Durham v C.Jolley
S.Jones v D.Jones
A.Ferris v G.Parker
A.Walker v R.Goddard
C.Shore v A.Rushton
G.Hughes v P.Hawker
S.Taylor v M.Sweeney
N.Slattery v T.Johnstone
R.Hampson v G.Coates
J.Bowler v W.Jeavons
M.Hill v M.Goddard
C.Bly v G.Cochrane
S.Lea v D.Sillitoe

April 21st
P.Dale v J.Crowther
J.Guess v J.Higgins
M.Heald v G.Ellis
Space v P.Bradley
L.Dale v C.Beaman
J.Hargreaves v S.Hargreaves
S.Gilroy v A.Spragg
D.Sands v C.Flattley
A.Wellings v D.Thomas
P.Morris v T.Gatley
M.Davis v K.Chapman
Space v C. Ward
C.Morris v D.Edmonds
A.Tattersley v G.Wilson
A.Pearson v D.Missere
L.Guess v G.Smedley
Houldsworth Working Mens Club.
Leamington Road, Reddish, Stockport. SK5 6BD
Good Friday £1670 Invitation 32.
Sponsored by Coors.
Winner £400. Runner-Up £250. Last 4 £150. Last 8 £100. Last 16 £40.
19th April 2019 10am Start. 9-15am Practice.
These are the players for the Good Friday Invitation at Houldsworth WMC.
The draw will be made at a later date, the draw will not be published but approximate starting times for players will be posted.
Any problems please ring Glen Beeley on 07939-205513.
More news to follow on this top class invitation.
Paul Bailey, Michael Beer, Neil Bithell, Chris Brown, Noel Burrows, Andy Cairns,
Ryan Clark, Glynn Cookson, Simon Coupe, John Davies, Ashley Daykin,
Jack Dyson, Gary Ellis, Steve Freer, Matt Gilmore, Richie Goddard,
Gareth Gwilliam, Jack Hargreaves, Robert Hitchen, Owen Jackson,
Chris Kelly, Mike Leach, Phil Lee, Steve Morrey, Jon Palmer, Tom Palmer,
Darren Plenderleith, Greg Smith, Kevan Shaw, Dave Watters,
Graeme Wilson, Callum Wraight
There will be refreshments available all day and a bookmaker will be in attendance.
Glossop Bowling Club – Open Singles Competition
Bank Holiday Monday 6th May @ 10 am Start
32 Limit No Practice – 21 Up
Only £5 Entry
Contact Andy: Dawsya21@Gmail.Com Mobile: 07594551939
All entries must pay in advance
Internet Banking (Txt for details), Cash or Cheque
(Made out to Glossop Bowling Club)
To:- Andy Dawson, 31 Queen Street, Glossop, Derbyshire. SK3 8EL
Longdendale will be running a Safeguarding course at
Hyde Club, Bowling Green Street, Hyde, Cheshire. SK14 1DJ
on Sunday 10th Feb from 10am.
Course lasts about 3 hours and includes a DBS check. Cost is £15 per person.
Anyone welcome to attend, not just Longdendale club members.
If you do want to attend give me a ring on 07580 098884 or email to :-
2019 Frank Beeley Trophy
Sponsored by I.V.S Training & Assessment LTD
Houldsworth WMC Leamington Road Reddish Stockport SK5 6BD

Prize Money £2820
Winner £700
Runner-Up £500
Semi-Finalist £250
Quarter-Finalist £150
Last 16 £65

64 Entries @ £20 (No Homesters)
Qualifying Dates:-
Sunday 23rd June
Sunday 30th June
Sunday 7th July
Sunday 14th July 5-30pm

Practice 6pm Start
Final Day Sunday 21st July
All games 31up off 3.
Sunday 5-30pm Practice 6pm Start
Entries to Glen Beeley 9 Ash Road Denton Manchester M34 2WE 07939-205513
Cheques payable to G. Beeley within 21 days of entering.
Bank transfer can be arranged on request.

Previous Winners.
2010 Andy Murray
2011 Chris Brown
2012 Glynn Cookson
2013 Andy Buckley
2014 Billy Speed
2015 John Davies
2016 Graeme Wilson
2017 Phil Davies
2018 Graeme Wilson
Wilmslow Bowling Club Open
Mixed Pairs Saturday 17th August staggered starts from 10am
Entry £8 per pair
Handicap - 2 visitors +4, 1 visitor & 1 homester +3, 2 homesters +2
All games 21up
Entries to Sheila Broadhurst, 11 Treen Close, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 3PT
Tel 01625 616976
Cheques payable to Wilmslow Bowling Club
Entries to be in by Wednesday 7th August to allow the draw to be done and players
advised of start times
Stockport Cricket Clubs are looking for players for their Wednesday night team in the Cheadle and District Ladies Bowls League. New or experienced players would be most welcome, They are are good club in Division A, have a great bowling green and very friendly players.
Please contact the Secretary Mrs Lorraine Parks on 0161 428 4997 for further information.
Glossop Bowling Club is looking for new players.
Female and male players. Beginners or more experienced players of all ages.
Starting in April 2019 - September 2019.
Come along on a Wednesday night 6.30pm to have a go.
We are located at North Road in Glossop.
Coaching and free use of bowls on a Wednesday night.

Bowls is a fun activity and exercise for all ages.
Email :- for more information.
Information about the May Bank Holiday Open to follow.

The Mastertech 2019 Nursery Classic
4 heats in June 8th, 15th, 22nd & 29th
Final July 13th. All 6pm start 5-30 Practice
Entry Fee £15 cheques payable to
Nursery BC
Contact Irv Cummings on 0161 483 8115 / 07748 819 175
44 Portrea Close, Davenport, Stockport. SK3 8RU
Glossop BC have a new website
Have a look HERE
Woodley Spring Classic 2019
Qualifying dates 31st March, 7th, 14th, 21st April
Final 28th April, all 10.30 practice, 11.00 start
£20 payable to Woodley Sports Bowling club
Entries to Mrs Gail Knowles, 32 Kynder Street Denton M34 2AR
Prize Money
Winner £600 Runner up £350 Semi-finalists £200,
Quarter finalists £150, Last 16 £80

Woodley Ladies Open Pairs June 9th, £10 a pair 10.00 start
Entries to Mrs Gail Knowles, 32 Kynder Street, Denton, M34 2AR 07718794498

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Charity Match
For the
Keith Robins Charity Cup
Easter Monday
22nd April 2019
At Glossop BC - 10.30am Start
All Welcome

Sponsored by
Perrigo Sports


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